Quick Start

if you prefer to quickly see the technology in action, you can read this page.

You can open demonstration levels

For good compatibility, enable this native plugins to UnrealEngine below 5.0:

And if you are experiencing surface disappearance or flickering use this console command "r.UseVisibilityOctree 0"

If you are using 5.0 and above use these options if you are experiencing any visual artifacts. open your project settings and click the all settings tab then in the search bar type in "velocity pass", be sure this enabled for 5.X to avoid visual bugs.

You are about to create your world. But before that, you have to understand how WorldScape works! Install the plugin and open levels "Demonstration" Wait for the shaders to compile, and press Play on the selected levels shown below in the files. Here you are in an infinite flat world and an explorable planet above you. The surface is generated in real time under your feet. Now it's up to you to choose what you want to do for your project. You can see in the WorldOutliner, the presence of two actors for the ground. WorldScapeFlat and WorldScapePlanet. Know that you can cumulate grounds. (Flat/planet world).

You can choose the seed in the NOISE menu of the WorldScape actor, a number from (1 to ∞) for a unique visual result.

When you are ready to create a level from scratch, go ahead and refer though the for Setting up a world from scratch level creation with WorldScape

Making big world?

If your goal is to create a huge world, you will have to use World Origin Shifting. Use the "SetWorldOrigin" Function in blueprint and make the origin follow your player location.

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