Setting up a world from scratch

So first off in the place actor tab type in WorldScape and you will see "WorldScapeRoot" and drag it in scene and as well as directional light. And same can be applied to the WorldScape manager when following through this section on adding WorldScape terrain to empty worlds

Now placed in the scene and for this instance for a planet make sure you set the generation type to "planet" and have generate and Generate ocean checked.

and your immediately going to notice you dont see anything thats because the planet is surface is way above. So you can just paste this coordinate for the transform of the planet "(X=0.000000,Y=0.000000,Z=-637875790.000000)"

Then scroll down a bit and your find the where to put materials. you can copy over the materials from the planet example map or make your own.

Once that's done you can then scroll back up to where you see the foliage tab and you can add foliage collection to that list

And you can add other things such as atmosphere and skylight and you have your planet. As for flat world it basically the same. Except that you choose "flat World" and make sure the transform location is set to "0,0,0"

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