Terrain Material

Caution : The materials inside the project are placeholder, new material, better suited for WorldScape will be made and provided in the future. This articles will explain the role of each parameters without going too far into details. Fell free to use the current materials as example and create new one or modify them to suit your needs.

Material Overview

The material for WorldScape 5.0 and above, functions differently than the legacy to allow for more customization to your landscape allowing for both flexibility and realism. most of the controls for the material are controlled in the blueprint actor of "BP_WorldScapeManager".

Is you are using the unreal engine 4.26 - 4.27, refer to Terrain Material Legacy.

World Materia Settings

When using WorldScape you may notice these options shown below

These new settings is what controls the appearance of the landscape. and most of the values are strait forward. it should be noted that the bottom layer controls the coastline aspects of the landscape, the mid color layer 1 controls the humid area's, the color layer 2 controls the dry and dry area, the top layer controls the snow caps and overall snow color. and the surface noise controls texture details seen from space.

Mid layer color information

The mid colors layers have association to what the affect.

Mid color layer 1: color 1-3 control the temperate grass color. for Color 4 controls the cold tundra colors closer around the colder parts near the edge of snow. Color 5 controls the savanna colors around the landscape and more noticeable to the transition of dessert

Mid Color layer 2: Color 1-2 controls the sand color around the landscape. Color 3 controls the top rock colors seen on mountains or dry cold areas. color 4 controls the tint of the sand. Color 5 has no affect on anything

and as for the layer tab. that controls the height and sharpness transition of each of the primary layers. for bottom, mid, and top.

Video example

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