WorldScape Documentation

WorldScape is a plugin for UnrealEngine 5.Create a planet and infinite flat landscape using geometry clipmaps.

Welcome to documentation for WorldScape Plugin. Play on the surface in single player or multiplayer. Guide your imagination to quickly achieve fully procedural infinite playgrounds using noise customize generation through our heightmaps decal system importing 8-bit or 16-bit Heightmaps. The 64-bit precision is executed in runtime to define the surface mesh easily add foliage to your terrain using the procedural foliage system based on humidity and temperature of the surface. Work in a plugin designed for real time. Features: Create an infinite world playable in single player and multiplayer flat and spherical.

Geometry technology 64bits precision for build surface. Create infinitely large and tiny flat worlds. Create infinitely large and tiny planets. Instanced and multithreaded procedural foliages. (Spawn thanks to the temperature and humidity of the geometry of the ground.) Import HeightMaps in 8bit 16bits and apply them to the surface as decals. (They can be added and merged.) Editable terrain collision. Noise Biome customizable in C ++ Realistic Ligthing for planet. WorldShiping Fake 64bits Squared. Materials procedural for surface. Custom MovementComponent BP. Custom Gravity Behavior for planet. For any kind of support, please visit Technical Support Page.

And if your using unreal engine 5 please visit the Unreal engine 5 setting fixes to avoid issues.

For users still using engine versions below 5 some of the original docs have been saved. This documentation will be improved over time.

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