I can walk on planet surface ?


It's possible to use the material landscape provided for the original unreal landscape on clipmaps ground ?

Unfortunately No, the Landscape material is designed to work with the LandscapeComponent. But the plugin offers an example triplanar material, you can improve it to make it as beautiful as that of your old landscape.

Can I sculpt terrain in editor ?

No, for now, you need to sculpt your terrain with heigthmap software and export the heightmap. Use your heightmap in Influence to apply it to worldscape terrain.

Why my heightmap texture have artefact in terrain ?

There is different type of artifact : if you have a stair on your heightmap, it's a precision issue of your texture, it is advised to use 16 bit texture and toggle the "High Quality" bool in the HeightMapInfluencer Data. If the artifact are weirder (like random value) it is possible you are either : Using a non-power of 2 texture (resolution of 128*128,256*256,512*512 ...ect) or using a 8 bits image as a 16 bits images, leading to texture reading issues. If you have any other issue, fell free to come on the discord and report the issue.

Why are distant mountains suddenly appear ?

It's probably because your MAX LOD setting is too low. You should Increase it's value (advised value of 10-12)

Why The influencer Heightmap act weird to the terrain, yet i have correctly configured ?

Sometime cases it is necessary to restart your level or even your project for apply data. If it still doesn't work please join the DiscordServer for specific help.

BlackScreen in Demonstration Level ?

Enable Volumetric Plugin or Disable CloudVolumetric in level.

Fail Package ?

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