HeightMap System

Heightmap volumes, These are very useful for making specific areas look the way you want and works both with flatworld and planets.WorldScape Plugin already has some premade Heightmap Volumes which is shown below “Worldscape Content \ Blueprints". Now if you want to create your own Blueprint you can do like you did with the Noise volume but instead type “HeightMapVolume”

Creating a HeighMapVolumeData

Now whichever method you did you can Drag the the HeightMapVolumBp into the level and when you click your going to be treated with some new things.

As you see there are some settings and like before go off by their names. But we now have the “HeightMapData”. This allows you to choose what kind of heightmap you want to use.

WorldScape Plugin comes with one premade HeightMapData but we are going to make our own. so Right click in the content browser and in the WorldScape tab click the HeightMap Volume Data and name it what you like but in my case i'm gonna name it “Crater”.

Now right click in an empty area of your content browser and click on the WorldScape panel, click on HeighMapVolumeData.

Open it, and here is what you have↑

You can add a texture heightMap. If your texture is in 16bits check the hightResolution parameter. You can export your heightmap from a landscape and convert it to 16bits. Import the texture and add it directly in heightmap texture.


Look this video : https://youtu.be/_Z3frULvurU

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