Terrain Material Legacy

Caution : The materials inside the project are placeholder, new material, better suited for WorldScape will be made and provided in the future. This articles will explain the role of each parameters without going too far into details. Fell free to use the current materials as example and create new one or modify them to suit your needs.

Material :

Set location to planet for material (Editor/Play Runtime) :

The material is subdivided in multiple layers. The Material use information provided by WorldScape and the slope of the surfaces to mask each layers. Layer will blend based with the automask.

Layer List :

  1. Sand : used for both desert and when height is lower than 0.

  2. Grass (default layer)

  3. Stone : high height (for mountains).

  4. Cliff : High slopes and can be fine-tuned with Automask parameters

  5. Snow : low temperature and low slope or for very low temperature.

Texture Channels

Each layer are defined by 3 texture.

  1. Color is a classic RGB texture containing albedo information.

  2. Normal contain normal information of your layers.

  3. OMRH is the detail map.

  • Red channel -> Oclusion.

  • Green channel -> Metal.

  • Blue channel -> Roughness.

  • Alpha channel -> Height

Look this : Look This : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bwTI7dplQck

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