Edit Heightmap Data (Beta)

The Heightmap Editor is a comprehensive tool within WS Tools that allows direct editing of the heightmap data in a photo editor-style interface within Unreal Engine (UE). It provides powerful functionality for modifying the heightmap texture, enabling you to create detailed and customized landscapes for your Worldscape environment.

Included Features:

  • Edit with Brush: The Heightmap Editor allows you to edit the heightmap texture using brushes, similar to popular photo editing software. You can paint directly on the heightmap to sculpt the terrain, raise or lower specific areas, and create intricate landscape features.

  • Brush Parametric Controls: The brushes in the Heightmap Editor are parametric, meaning you can use materials or textures as brushes. This provides flexibility and allows for more advanced and creative terrain modifications.

  • Channel Selection: The Heightmap Editor offers the option to select the channel you want to edit. You can choose between Heightmap, Temperature, Humidity, and Additional channels, giving you control over different aspects of your landscape.

  • Bar Options: The toolbar located above the editor provides several important functions:

    • Save: Save your changes to the heightmap texture.

    • Save As: Save the modified heightmap under a different name or location.

    • 3D View: Allows to see a 3d displacement display of you current texture.

    • Filter: Apply various filters to the edited channel, such as blur, noise, or erosion simulation (work in progress).

    • Resize: Resize the heightmap texture, adjusting its dimensions to suit your needs.

    • Key: Display the key controls for use of the Heightmap Editor.

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