Placement contraint parameters for foliages


Slope is based on the DotProduct between the normal of the ground, and the up vector can capped between 0 and 1. This allow to contraint the generation to only be on planar surface or only on cliff sides.

Humidity & Temperature

The temperature and Humidity also influences the generation of foliage. This allow to contraint the generations of foliages to the humidity and temperature data you generated in the noise.

Spawn in Water

If true, force the foliage to spawn insode water body (if the ocean height is lower than land height). else it force spawn the foliage outside of water body.

Allign to Surface and Ground Influence.

Allign to surface force the foliage to allign with the normal of the ground, Ground influence customise how much the folaige is alligned to the ground surface, the value is randomised between the min and max values.

For now, random rotation is not compatible with align to surface

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