How to get toolbar running

  1. Open the Worldscape plugin folder.

    • Locate and open the "Tools" folder within the Worldscape plugin directory.

  2. Access the WS Tools bar folder and run the _WS_toolBar Widget.

    • Inside the Tools folder, find the WS_tools bar folder.

    • Right-click on the _WS_toolBar Widget file.

    • From the context menu, select "Run editor utility Widget."

    • This action will open the WS Tools window.

  3. Position the WS Tools window.

    • Once the WS Tools window opens, you will have the option to place it in your preferred location.

    • You can choose to dock it to the side bar of the editor or monitor or any other suitable position that suits your workflow.

  4. Explore the available options.

    • In the WS Tools window, you will find a set of options that provide various functionalities for the workflow around woldscape.

    • The available options include:

      • WS selector

      • Select from Outliner

      • Pick Actor from Scene

      • Reset to Default

      • Freeze and Unfreeze Landscape

      • View Collision

      • Custom Details Panel

      • View POI Editor

      • Go to Camera POI

      • Add POI at Camera Position

      • Add Volume Specified to Worldscape

      • Attach Actor to Root

      • Rotate Selected Actor

      • Snap Actor to Worldscape

      • Move Camera Actor

      • Auto Attach Actor to Root

      • Auto Rotate Selected Actor

      • Auto Snap Actor to Worldscape

      • Auto Move Camera Actor

      • Open Heightmap Editor

      • Reset Camera Roll

      • Camera Selector Mode

      • Online Documentation

For detailed descriptions and instructions on each option, refer to the next following pages.

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