Foliage Cluster

Foliage Clustering allows for a dense amount of objects to be spawned in a area without too much frame sacrifices depending on your set up and allowing for a more clumped up apperance for foliage.

In order to create a foliage cluster all you have to do is right click in the content browser and then hover over WorldScape and select the foliage cluster.

One created you will be created, you won't see much when you enter it. so all you have to do is open the cluster tab and click the plus on the Foliage cluster unit list and then you will be greeted to an assortment of options.

if you are familiar to the unreal "hierarchical instanced static mesh component" you will see some similarities to it, so it is best if you play around and with the results once appied to the foliage collection. if you are unfamiliar to unreal's hierarchical meshes refer to unreal's doc about the instanced mesh API and the video of discussing the uses of these methods linked here.

more options to be aware of before applying the cluster to the collection. you will see these options shown below

the placements go off by their name; however, sector size and count will dictate how large the spawning area will be for your foliage actors and the density of it. so be sure if using dense mesh to use smaller foliage count before trying higher values.

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