Foliage baker (Beta)

The Foliage Baker Volume provides functionality to convert procedurally generated foliage from WorldScape into standardized foliage actors. this adds the possibility to bake subsets of vegetation in a given region of the volume into distinct Foliage and Hierarchical Instanced Static Mesh (HISM) actors.

WorldScape Root Actor - Dropdown to select which WorldScape actor to bake foliage from. This defines the source procedural foliage.

WS Foliage Baker Bound Volume - Defines which volume to bake the foliage.

Tile Capture - Slider to set how many horizontal and vertical tiles to divide the volume into when baking. More tiles localizes foliage into smaller sections.

Process Tile Delay - Adds delay between baking each tile.

To utilize the Foliage Baker Volume:

  1. Place the volume in the scene either through the WS Plugins folder or WS Tools toolbar.

  2. Position the volume over the area with procedural foliage to bake, be sure that the voilage is within the bounds of the highlighted area for full capture.

  3. Click "Launch Foliage Baker Tools" to open the utility window. Settings should auto-populate based on your scene.

  4. Adjust the capture tiles value higher for more bake sections or lower for fewer.

  5. Click "Start Capture" to begin baking procedural foliage into static meshes.

  6. Avoid moving the camera during the bake process.

  7. Once complete, choose to generate Hierarchical Instanced Static Meshes or Unreal Engine Foliage for the results.

Higher tile counts produce more mesh sections for greater localization. Lower tile counts consolidate more foliage together. The values could vary baking times.

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